Who is Ty?

I am a 27 year old serial entrepreneur who obsesses over customer service and standing out.


I serve as a partner in the SaaS Technology, SiteZeus, and am now leading the customer side of the business. I am proud to work with brands like Burger King and Subway. I built the sales up with my partner to over 7 figures ARR. SiteZeus uses AI driven modeling to determine where to open or close locations. 


I was born and raised in Tampa and went to FSU. In school, I studied pre-med with the vision to be an orthodontist. I got fired while working as a trainer at the FSU gym over being 3 minutes late to work.

 I then launched Carl's Caps where I sold vintage snapbacks to FSU, FAMU, & TCC students, and got my first taste of business.


As a freshman, I saw this guy with a wad of cash. After talking to him, it turns out it wasn't Adderall he was selling. It was study guides. So, I started selling guides for my organic chemistry classes. I was selling thousands of study guides a semester.

I joined the founder (Tom Brady) of the website used to sell the study guides, and was then part of the acquisition of Moola Guides.


I dropped out of college at FSU, and am now living my dream.


Telling my story in front of students is what inspired me to launch a podcast. My mission is to always be learning and to help others along the way.